HELPING HAMMERS  next meeting is

Wednesday, June 15 @ 7pm in Verona  





 Mom loves her ramp and uses it daily to exercise up and down and to get out more safely and easily.   We are so thankful to each and every helping hand and heart. 





  The Helping Hammers project, which was not even a dream last August, has taken off and become a blessing to many in our communities this spring and summer. 

 To date we have completed a total of five projects for area households.


Our most recent success story was a marvelous, wonderful, productive BLITZ on Monday and Tuesday August 16 and 17 with volunteers from our five churches and nine Hamilton College students!  A handicap ramp was built in Oneida and work was done toward getting Ellen's Closet ready for a GRAND OPENING on September 11th in Vernon - for those who have not heard, the Vernon Session has agreed to do a pilot project in the manse next to the church - we will be opening a thrift shop (Ellen’s Closet) in memory of Ellen Murphy on September 11th - once this venture gets up and running, our goal is to have proceeds go    towards Helping Hammers. Our Hamilton College BLITZ ended with a visit to Delta Lake State Park and a picnic at the Westernville Presbyterian Church – thanks to Ed and Randa Ratazzi and their three granddaughters for a great dinner!


Other pending projects include:


·   Siding, putting in electric and wall board on a shed which will eventually be used as a candle making workshop for an individual who will use the proceeds of the candle making to supplement her income.


·  Helping a family in Rome to jack up their home and re do the support under their porch


·  We are working on a solution for a leaking roof on a mobile home - this will be a big task!


Because of the high volume of work sent our way for this summer, we cannot accept any more applications for outdoor work.  However, we would be able to consider “inside” projects.


We have learned a lot in one short year and accomplished a great deal - God has blessed us!


Contributions to Helping Hammers are always welcome.  Donations should be sent to Helping Hammers PO Box 534 Vernon, New York 13476 


We are "on our way" - keep those prayers coming!     




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 Thank you for Keeping the Nursery
  By Lois Turley

Mama left me in the church nursery.
She said, ”You can stay here and play.”
I was so very afraid, but you comforted me.
And mama was saved that

At least once a month in the nursery,
You served God by caring for me
so mama could attend Church and learn to make
our home everything it should be.

There were those who said, “I’m too busy,”
Or, “I don’t want to miss church today.

I’m too young, I’m too old, I’ve done my part.
The nursery? Please, don’t ask me to stay.”

But you said, “No, I’m not too busy.
I’m just the right age I know.
I could never do enough for the King that I serve.
When you need me in the nursery, I’ll go.”


Thank you for keeping the nursery.   
Mama taught me to follow Christ, too.

Many people had a part, but the most special one
To me will always be YOU.

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