Prayer Mission - November 

The New Life Assembly of God Food Pantry serves between 600 to 700 people every month, which is approximately 120 families, giving them enough food for 9 meals.  They also give a loving ear to listen to problems and broken hearts.  They pass out information on accessing social services: SNAP (food stamps), HEAP, Community Action, etc.  They are open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-3:00 p.m.  They can always use extra volunteers; if interested, talk to Linda in our church office. 

 Caroline Hood 

Ni hao!!

Have I ever told you how much I love relationships? (Seems pretty fitting after just receiving an email about my engagement, huh?)  ;-) No, but really! Over the past couple of years, G0d has stirred up a desire in me to teach people how to have healthy, life-giving, fun and G0d honoring relationships. 

Not only did G0d give me an incredible guy to marry (and I mean INCREDIBLE!), He has also already been giving me opportunities to teach others



 NOVEMBER 2014 -  

Welcome to
Oneida First Presbyterian Church
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Rev.  Stuart C. Wattles

to all those OFPC members who worked so hard to bring you another successful and wonderful Festival of Christmas!

Raffle winners will be listed here tomorrow.

 Events Calendar 



Sunday, Nov. 23rd         8:45am           BB203
                                           9:00am          Sunday School
                                         10:00am          Worship
Thank you Party
                                                                    Last day to turn in Operation Shoeboxes
                                                Noon          BB203
                                                 7pm          Ecumenical Service at St. Pat’s


Monday,   Nov. 24th               7pm          Session Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 27th              OFFICE CLOSED – Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday,      Nov. 28th               OFFICE CLOSED

Sunday,    Nov. 30th           8:45am          BB203
                                               9 :00am          Sunday School
                                              10:00am          Worship
                                               11:30am          Confirmation class group meeting
                                                  Noon            BB203
                        UPCOMING – MARK YOUR CALENDARS    

Dec.    1st          Committee meetings
Dec.   7th          Communion – coming forward

There will be a Congregational Meeting on

Sunday, December 7th   
during worship service to elect new Elders and Deacons for 2015-2017

Dec.   7th          Speak-Easy after worship

Dec. 11th          The Connection is caroling at ECF

Dec. 14th          Children’s Play “Fear Not Factor”
Dec. 14th          Secret Room (after worship)
Dec. 15th          Deacons Meeting at Pam West’s
Dec. 15th          Session Meeting


Dec. 18th         Kids Korner caroling at Towers (6:30 pm)

Dec. 24th         Our Children’s’ Christmas Eve Services (5pm)
Dec. 24th         Our main Christmas Eve Service (7pm)
Dec. 25th        
Dec. 29th         Annual Reports due

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 Thank you for Keeping the Nursery
  By Lois Turley

Mama left me in the church nursery.
She said, ”You can stay here and play.”
I was so very afraid, but you comforted me.
And mama was saved that

At least once a month in the nursery,
You served God by caring for me
so mama could attend Church and learn to make
our home everything it should be.

There were those who said, “I’m too busy,”
Or, “I don’t want to miss church today.

I’m too young, I’m too old, I’ve done my part.
The nursery? Please, don’t ask me to stay.”

But you said, “No, I’m not too busy.
I’m just the right age I know.
I could never do enough for the King that I serve.
When you need me in the nursery, I’ll go.”

My life might have been so different
If you had not answered God’s plea,
for workers to serve where the need is so great,
to care for little people like me.

Thank you for keeping the nursery.   
Mama taught me to follow Christ, too.
Many people had a part, but the most special one
To me will always be you.

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