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Sarina Marie
born October 21, 2014
daughter of
Jennawade Skellam
Robert Archer


Lilith Helena Pearson
born October 16, 2014
daughter of
Laura Pearson
granddaughter of
Debb Owens

Kathy Bruno



Ginny Drake

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Ni hao!!

Have I ever told you how much I love relationships? (Seems pretty fitting after just receiving an email about my engagement, huh?)  ;-) No, but really! Over the past couple of years, G0d has stirred up a desire in me to teach people how to have healthy, life-giving, fun and G0d honoring relationships. 

Not only did G0d give me an incredible guy to marry (and I mean INCREDIBLE!), He has also already been giving me opportunities to teach others. A couple of months ago, I was being tutored by one of our sisters. I'm not much of a textbook person, so I like to learn Chinese by having conversations. One day, we began discussing relationships... and over the course of a few days, I taught her (IN CHINESE, WHAT!) what a man of G0d looks like, what to look for when choosing a husband, and how Ephesians 5 commands wives to respect their husbands while it commands husbands to love their wives. (Have you ever really thought about what that means?) . . .  more

 Prayer Mission - October 

Operation Shoebox

PRAYER MISSION OCTOBER – The Mary Rose Clinic, Oneida Free Medical Health for the Uninsured, exists to provide primary healthcare services to low-income, uninsured adults within Madison County and the surrounding areas. We believe high quality healthcare is a basic human right regardless of socioeconomic status. The Mary Rose Clinic was co-created by Dr. Martyn and The Gorman Foundation and is administered by Community Action Partnership of Madison County.  For further information please visit their website   

 OCTOBER 2014 -  

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Today is the day the Lord has made.... rejoice and be glad in it.   Yesterday, today, and tomorrow belong to The Lord God Almighty.    Amen

 . . . all  for your gifts on October 19th, Pastor Appreciation Sunday.  I hope you saw the beautiful clock that was presented to me on the stage in the auditorium during the Harvest Brunch.  I also received a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble.  Both of these are much appreciated.  I don’t know whether this will give me more reading time or not, but I expect to enjoy them both in the coming months.  Your prayers and many expressions of support are also something for which I give thanks.

Dear Friends in Christ, 
We can hardly believe that next weekend we'll be transitioning from October to November. Often in ministry and everyday life the autumn and early winter can feel like the "spin cycle" of a washing machine. School is starting. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year feel more and more jumbled together. We live in a world where technology and a consumer-driven culture keep us from savoring a moment and instead insist that we be looking to the next one.
But we want to SAVOR this time of year. The fact that Almighty God came to us in the form of a human being, in flesh and blood is not a minor thing. Nor is it something to be commercialized, or lost in the myriad of holidays that are shoved together. The Incarnation is the miracle that changed the course of history. The Message version of John 1:14 says, "The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood." Oh to savor that truth and to be in awe of what it meant for the world....continued

 Events Calendar 


Thursday, Oct. 30th   3:00pm         The Connection
                                             5:00pm         Kids Korner

Friday, Oct. 31st         11:00am         Ladies Bible Study

     November 1st    --   Daylight Savings – turn your clocks back

           Nov.   2nd         Communion
           Nov.   3rd          Committee Meetings
           Nov. 16th          Operation Shoebox dedication
           Nov. 20th         Gingerbread Shop cookie pack-up (6:30 pm)




Why, no!  It's not too early to be ready for . . . 

   The  OFPC  2014  Festival  of  Christmas

Saturday, November 22nd
9 am - 3 pm


“Wander Blossoms”
Quilt by . . .
Sue Kordziel, Carol Musgrove, Laura Reckentine, Betty Wesseldine


“Wintry Mix”
An Original Work by Tom Donegan 

Donation 1 for $2 or 3 for $5

11:30 am - 1:30 pm


Any questions??   .... please call Church office @ 363-7590

Contact the Shoppe chairperson

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 Thank you for Keeping the Nursery
  By Lois Turley

Mama left me in the church nursery.
She said, ”You can stay here and play.”
I was so very afraid, but you comforted me.
And mama was saved that

At least once a month in the nursery,
You served God by caring for me
so mama could attend Church and learn to make
our home everything it should be.

There were those who said, “I’m too busy,”
Or, “I don’t want to miss church today.

I’m too young, I’m too old, I’ve done my part.
The nursery? Please, don’t ask me to stay.”

But you said, “No, I’m not too busy.
I’m just the right age I know.
I could never do enough for the King that I serve.
When you need me in the nursery, I’ll go.”

My life might have been so different
If you had not answered God’s plea,
for workers to serve where the need is so great,
to care for little people like me.

Thank you for keeping the nursery.   
Mama taught me to follow Christ, too.
Many people had a part, but
the most special one
To me will always be you.

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