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     The Lord enjoined his ancient people to exercise the greatest care that young people, even from infancy, be properly instructed.   Moreover, he expressly commanded in his law that they should teach them, ….  God has no less concern for the youth of his new people, when he openly testifies and says:  “Let the children come to me; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Mark 10:14), … the churches act most wisely when they early and carefully catechize the youth, laying the first grounds of faith, and faithfully teaching the rudiments of our religion by expounding the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the doctrine of the sacraments. … Here let the Church show her faith and diligence in bringing the children to be catechized, desirous and glad to have her children well instructed.


Superintendent of Sunday School
Are you someone who has an hour a week to help out with this position?  This is a very rewarding position.  The title Superintendent of Sunday School may sound intimidating to you, but don’t let the title scare you.  This position requires someone to keep attendance records of the Sunday School classrooms, make a rotation schedule and set up materials needed for Children’s Church.

For further details of this position, please contact Kathy Bruno.

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The Kid’s Korner children will be preparing shoeboxes for Operation Shoebox in the beginning of November. We strive to teach the children the importance of giving back and that anyone (young or old) can help out. We are asking the congregation for anything that you would like to donate to help fill the shoeboxes. Please ask Pat Thorpe or Kathy Bruno for the full list of items that are acceptable to place in the shoeboxes.  

We would need these items dropped off at church by November 2nd.  Thank you.

 Events Calendar 



Sunday,   September  21              Nominating Cmte @ 8:15am

                                            BB203 begins 8:45am  and at 11:45am

                                              9am -  Sunday School begins

                                            Confirmand luncheon @ noon

 September  22              Session Meeting

 September  23 & 24    Trip to Sight & Sound Theater, Lancaster, PA

 September  23              Presbytery Meeting in Boonville

 September  26              11am    Ladies Bible Study

 Sunday, September  28              8:45am        BB203
                                                                     9 am        Sunday School
                                                                   10 am        Worship
                                                              11:45 am        BB203
                                                              Noon - Meeting for parents about Christmas play

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       October      1             Kids' Korner registration 6:30pm

        Sunday, October      5             Communion

       October      6             Committee meetings 7pm

       October      8             PW Gathering in Old Forge

       October      8              THE  CONNECTION  BEGINS

      October     15             NEWSLETTER DEADLINE

      October     19             Harvest Brunch after worship service
Crop Walk

      October    20             Deacons' Meeting

 VBS News 

     Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered, or prayed for our VBS  Ministry this summer!!   It was another amazing year!  All of the children got to experience 5 Bible Adventures, thanks to the great acting  and story-telling by Ashley Carpenter!   Paul Mancarella was a great addition as our gym leader, and as always, Amanda Yeoman rocked it in our music class!!  She was able to get twenty-two 5th, 6th, and 7th graders   to sing and dance (sort of) -- and that itself is a miracle!! 

We were blessed with so many wonderful volunteers again this year!  Without the help of every single one, the week would not have been possible.   One hundred kids joined us during the week for the morning and evening programs.  This was the second year of our evening program and 24 kids attended, many of them   were also at the morning session either in the oldest class or as volunteers.  To view video of VBS 

Next summer, the church will be turned into an icy cold mountain
–   as Everest   will be our theme!!  We are always looking for more help in every area so if you'd like to learn more about VBS and what kind of jobs we need help with, please see Becky Williams, Rachel Mancarella, or Ashley Carpenter -  and join our amazing team!!  You will be as blessed as the kids, if not more-so, it is such a rewarding experience!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    This summer 42 kids from our congregation or kids who heard about it from our kids (several from Junior Youth Group), spent a week at Vanderkamp. Thank you to the members of this congregation, the Presbyterian Women, Missions Committee, and the Utica Presbytery for your generosity - making it possible for so many of these kids to go.  The children had so much fun that 9 of them went for two weeks and 4 of them that were only supposed to go for a partial week, added on at least a day if not the whole week. We counted for 51 camper weeks out of ~ 455 (that's over 10%).  The counselors once again said that their jobs didn't feel like work because these kids made their week so easy just by being great kids!!!  
The stories of time spent in prayer with each other and the genuine love that they feel while they spend this week in a Christian Community is an experience that their parents are all thankful they get to have. They can't wait to go back next summer, and even though James Davis' absence will la
heavy on their hearts, the board is confident that our new directors will pick up where James left off and all of their favorite counselors will be back to make next year just as memorable as this year was.  A fall retreat/reunion is in the works and many of the kids have said that they really want to go, so watch for more details as they come about or let Becky Williams know that you are interested. 

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